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Leaked Photos Show the Galaxy S9 Fixes a Major Flaw

A persistent complaint about the otherwise well-received Galaxy S8 focused on the placement of the fingerprint sensor. Samsung slapped it right next to the rear camera on last year's flagship phone, making it awfully easy to smudge your camera lens when you were simply trying to unlock your phone.

Galaxy S9 leaked image (Credit: SlashLeaks)

(Image credit: Galaxy S9 leaked image (Credit: SlashLeaks))

Rumors surrounding the Galaxy S9 have suggested that's going to change when Samsung introduces its new phone later this month. And an increasing amount of photographic evidence in the form of leaked photos backs up that claim.

The latest indication that Samsung has smartened up on the location of the fingerprint sensor comes courtesy of new leaked images posted at SlashLeaks. As spotted by BGR, the photos, which include a Galaxy S9 as well as a Galaxy S9+, show the fingerprint sensor just below the rear camera lens.

Galaxy S9+ image (Credit: SlashLeaks)

(Image credit: Galaxy S9+ image (Credit: SlashLeaks))

In the case of the Galaxy S9+, which is expected to have dual rear cameras, the sensor appears below the second lens. The Galaxy S9+'s cameras are stacked vertically, similar to the design Apple used for the iPhone X.

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Leaked images should always be taken with however many grains of salt you can carry, but these latest photos are in line with what we've seen elsewhere. Earlier, reputable leaker Evan Blass posted renders of the new Galaxy phones showcasing their colors, and you can see an identical approach to the fingerprint sensor's placement.

The location of the fingerprint sensor on the S9 may still prove problematic. It's still pretty close to the rear camera, sharing the same housing as that component. So it still may be too easy to smudge the lens when you try to access the sensor. That's something we'll have to try out in person once Samsung officially unveils the phone on Feb. 25. Still, below the lens is a much place for that sensor to be.

Otherwise, these leaked images confirm that little is changing with the look of the Galaxy S9 compared to the Galaxy S8, which introduced the expansive Infinity Display to Samsung's phone lineup. Instead, the major changes in the S9 are expected to be improvements to the camera. Beside the two rear lenses on the S9+, both new Samsung phones are expected to feature a wider aperture for better low light photos and faster image capture.