Galaxy S9+ Gets Highest Camera Score Ever

Managing Editor

Does Samsung's new Galaxy S9+ have the best smartphone camera ever? According to new test results, it just might.

Image: Tom's GuideImage: Tom's Guide

The folks at DxOMark (the industry standard benchmark for camera quality) just put Samsung's new flagship through its paces, ultimately awarding it a highest-ever score of 99 and shooting it to the top of the company's mobile phone camera rankings.

After an exhaustive test process that involved over 1500 photos and more than 2 hours of video, DxOMark found that the Galaxy S9+'s 12-MP shooter consistently delivered great photos both indoors and outdoors and in varying degrees of light. The company praised the camera's fast autofocus for both photos and videos, and noted that colors were bright and vivid throughout.

Image: DxOMarkImage: DxOMark

DxOMark did note a few cons, including "occasional exposure instabilities" for photos and a lack of fine detail in videos. But that didn't stop the S9+ from garnering a record-breaking photo score of 104, a strong video score of 91, and a top-ranking overall score of 99.

Image: Tom's GuideImage: Tom's Guide

We recently put the Galaxy S9+'s camera to the test ourselves, and were mostly impressed. The new flagship's improved aperture offers significantly better low-light shooting than the Galaxy S8, and the phone captured a ton of fine detail in busy outdoor scenes. However, we did find colors to be inaccurate in some cases, and noticed some blown-out areas of light in dimmer photos.

Stay tuned for more photo impressions when our full review of the Galaxy S9 hits later this week.