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Galaxy S8 May Surpass iPhone with This Killer Feature

Taking (or maybe stealing?) a page from Windows 10 Mobile, Samsung could roll out a feature for its Galaxy S8 flagship that could make shoppers think twice about the iPhone 8.

According to All About Windows Phone, which obtained a leaked slide from a source, the Galaxy S8 could offer a PC-like, extended desktop experience. This would be similar to the Continuum feature in Windows phones like the HP Elite x3, which lets you plug the handset into a dock that's attached to a monitor and mouse.

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The slide in question, reported on by BGR, doesn't provide many details, but it indicates that the Galaxy S8 will offer the "next mobile workspace." The image shows a phone attached to a monitor with the Android logo beside it, and the device would offer a multitasking experience via multiple windows. The current version of Continuum is just one window at a time, but that should be changing this year.

Credit: All About Windows Phone

(Image credit: All About Windows Phone)

Samsung has plenty of experience experimenting with connecting phones to PCs with its SideSync software, which lets you send and receive texts on the desktop, share files and view your phone's screen. There's also a keyboard and mouse feature, which lets you use those devices to control your Android phone.

But it looks as though Samsung is going to build on these features. For now, it's best to treat Samsung's "desktop experience" as a rumor, but if it comes to fruition, it could break down the wall between mobile phones and PCs.

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