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Galaxy S7 Reportedly Explodes, Gives Man Third-Degree Burns

Likening his Galaxy S7 to a bomb, a Winnipeg man claims that his smartphone gave him second- and third-degree burns on his hands.

A mechanic, 34-year-old Amarjit Mann told the Winnipeg Sun that he felt a "warmness" in his pocket before taking out his Galaxy S7, which he says then "exploded right away."

Credit: CTV News

(Image credit: CTV News)

Mann says that a little steam hit his hand before he heard a boom. He also told the publication that one of the sparks hit his face right below his eye.

"I should've lost my eyes, or my cheeks or anything could have happened," Mann told CTV News in a separate interview.

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As a result of the burns, Mann says that his hands will take 8 to 9 days to heal, and that he will be filing a lawsuit because of the pain caused and possibly lost wages.

There have been multiple reports of explosions or fires involving supposedly safe Galaxy phones following a worldwide recall of the Galaxy Note 7. This includes another Canadian man whose S7 Edge caught fire while he was driving and a Ohio man who says the same handset caught fire in his pocket. He claims he had to undergo painful skin grafts to address the second- and third-degree burns.

More recently, a woman in France claimed that her Galaxy J5 caught fire, a device that's not available in the U.S.

Regarding the Winnipeg incident, Samsung issued a statement to CTV News, saying that "customer safety remains our highest priority and we remain committed to working with any customer who has experienced an issue."

However, as more reports continue to surface, Samsung may need to take more sweeping actions to protect its customers.

  • Daekar3
    Well. This is unfortunate. I think Samsung could've recovered well from the recent Note issues, but this is a bit much. When your entire product line is exploding, there are much bigger questions to answer.