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Dell Says SSD Failure Rate Rumors Have

Austin (TX) - Dell is hitting back at reports that its solid state drive-equipped laptops are experiencing 20-30% return rates. According to Lionel Menchaca, Dell’s Chief Blogger, return rates of those laptops are much lower than those published by Avian Securities. Menchaca adds that media reports have "no basis in reality".

Menchaca published his comments on Dell’s Direct2Dell blog after several media outlets picked up Avian’s report. He says the research company did not contact Dell before publishing the report which claimed a high laptop return rate.

Furthermore, Menchaca wants to assure the public that SSD-equipped laptops are just as or have better reliability than traditional hard drive laptops. He adds that return rates have been "an order of magnitude better" than rates reported in the press. Unfortunately, he did not specify any numbers in his blog post.

Earlier in the week, Avian Securities managing parter Avi Cohen published a report stating that Dell was experiencing 20-30% return rates on its SSD laptops. 10 to 20 percent of those returns were for technical failures while the rest were from users who were disappointed in performance, Cohen said.

You can read Menchaca’s Dell blog post here.