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Best T-Mobile Deals Right Now

T-Mobile is no stranger to smartphone deals. Whether it's a BOGO sale or a dollar-off discount, the Uncarrier Network is renown for pushing its competitors into offering lower prices on the latest handhelds. 

The best part is that even outside of the holidays T-Mobile usually has some tempting offer in the works.

iPhone BOGO Deal

T-Mobile is currently offering a free iPhone when you purchase one at its regular price. The BOGO deal is valid with purchases of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, or iPhone 7 Plus. It also applies to the iPhone X, but keep in mind the credit maxes out at $700, so if your secondary device costs more than $700, you'll be responsible for the difference.

BOGO iPhone/Galaxy SaleView Deal

Both phones must be purchased on an Equipment Installation Plan (EIP), which means you can't pay for your phone in one lump payment. If you're already a T-Mobile customer, you can upgrade to a new device and buy a second phone with a new line for your plan.

Galaxy S9 Deal

Not an iPhone fan? T-Mobile is also offering a similar discount on Samsung's Galaxy phones. Purchase a Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, or Galaxy S8 Active on an EIP and you'll get a $720 credit on the purchase of a second Galaxy phone.

Again, the offer is available for new or existing customers — the only catch is you must open at least one new line of service.

Louis Ramirez

As deals editor at Tom’s Guide, Louis is constantly looking for ways to avoid paying full price for the latest gadgets. That means price checking against multiple retailers and searching high and low for the best deals to bring readers. A born-and-bred New Yorker, Louis is also an avid swimmer and marathoner. His work has appeared on Gizmodo, CNET, and Time Out New York.