BlackBerry Starts Beta-testing BBM for Android

Back in May, BlackBerry confirmed that Android and iOS users would soon be able to download BlackBerry's BBM for free. The Canadian smartphone manufacturer said the application would support iOS6 and Android 4.0 and higher and would be available in the summer. While there's still no word on the app's general release date, it has been confirmed that BBM for Android is now in beta testing.

BlackBerry this week began emailing its Beta Zone members to invite them to become beta testers for the Android version of BBM. The company eventually provided confirmation of the beta test to Engadget, detailing that internal testing for both iOS and Android has begun, but that the beta program is full.

BlackBerry has begun internal testing of BBM on Android and iOS devices. We invited our employees to nominate friends and family to participate in a limited Android beta. Those slots are now full. For more information, please visit

BBM for iOS and Android will allow users to chat (one-on-one or group chats), as well as send photos, and voice notes. Of course, these applications are subject to approval from the App Store and the Google Play Store, so it's not guaranteed yet. For example, Apple could very well reject BBM for replicating the function of iMessage. Still, we'll wait to see what happens when the summer rolls around.

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  • Cy-Kill
    BlackBerry (The Company Formerly Known as RIM) could've had BBM out for Android & iOS as well as Windows Phone months ago, had they used the IDE called Codename One, as you can code for all 4 smartphone OSs at the same time!
  • chicofehr
    I love BBM so much more then Whatsapp as you don't have to give out your number and it tells you when a message is delivered with a D and read with a R. The 2 check marks don't have anything to do with that if you didn't know that already.
  • Darkk
    Wish we elite users can flag the previous posts as spam.