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Huge Horn Home-Theater Speakers for Giants

Horn speakers are hardly a new concept, but Arcadian Audio's latest creation promises to apply cutting-edge technology to the form factor. The Pnoe (not a typo) is a pair of massive fiberglass horns speakers.

Though shaped like a horn, each hole in the Pnoe speaker set outputs sound. The treble streams out from where a gaint human would blow into, with the bass exiting the huge opening. Arcadian claims the shape helps create smooth lines for the audio to move through, allowing for a cleaner and untainted sound. Arcadian warns future listeners to stay at least 3 meters away from these babies.

The Pnoe comes in base colors of black and white. According to Arcadian however: "The driver mount, grille and grille fabric can be ordered from a range of colours." As for price, you'll have to directly contact the manufacturer, though we're sure the quote will break the bank.

Arcadian Audio Pnoe (Price upon inquiry)