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Feast Your Eyes on the First iPhone XI Renders

Apple's next big iPhone launch, which could be known as the iPhone XI, is still months away. And we now have our first look at what the handset might look like.

Credit: iDropNews

(Image credit: iDropNews)

Designer Martin Hajek was recently commissioned by iDrop News to develop an iPhone XI rendering based on the rumors, analyst reports, and other items circling about this year's Apple flagships. And you might be surprised by how little this design differs compared to last year's iPhone X.

First up, you'll notice that the iPhone in question has a smaller notch at the top. Still, Hajek and iDrop believe that the rumors still suggest Apple will keep the notch to house critical components, like the earpiece and front-facing camera. However, they do believe that Apple will be able to reduce the size of bezels elsewhere around the screen, creating a slightly higher screen-to-body ratio.

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In an interesting twist, the designers believe Apple could go with a black backplate but keep a chrome finish along the sides and bottom. The move creates a decidedly different look than the iPhone X, but whether it's something Apple would keep in its iPhone XI remains to be seen.

Beyond that, iDrop designed its rendering with two SIM trays "for increased usability overseas" and the render features a 360-degree TrueDepth sensing, following rumors that Apple could use the same technology that powers Face ID on the rear of the handset, as well. Also on the back, iDrop believes Apple will stick to a flush-mounted dual-camera array and remove the slight bump.

The latest reports suggest Apple could unveil three new iPhones, including one with a 5.8-inch screen like the iPhone X, as well as 6.1- and 6.5-inch options.