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Ampoids: Curiously Strong Speakers

Altoids are known for their strong minty taste and their classic tin cases. Now, you can bring that same blend of surprising power and stylish looks to your music, thanks to Ampoids. They've created a line of speakers cleverly disguised as that breath mint's stylish turn-of-the-century tin.

Whenever you open an Ampoids, you'll be greeted not by a collection of curiously strong mints, but a speaker baffle that nonetheless provides curiously strong output. They come in two flavors, one for your guitar and another for your MP3 player. As for the case, it looks like you have the option of getting ginger, peppermint, spearmint or licorice.

Head over to Etsy's if you want to put one of these $30 speakers in your pocket.

[source: Ampoids shop via Chip Chick]