Windows Phone Beats 88% of Competitors in Speed Test

Its last appearance at CES might have been a snooze-fest, but Microsoft is coming away from the Consumer Electronics Show with at least one notable victory under its belt: the company's smartphone managed to beat the majority of its challengers on the CES show floor.

Earlier this week, Microsoft's Ben Rudolph hit Vegas with a wad of cash in his hand. Rudolph was challenging any and all attendees with a non-Windows Phone device to a speed test challenge. If they won, he'd give them a hundred bucks, but if his Windows Phone won, they'd have to admit they got 'smoked by Windows Phone.'

Well, the results are in. According to Rudolph, 88-percent of challengers were 'smoked by Windows Phone.'

"We gave away a ton of new phones, lost a little bit of cash ($300, to be exact), and had a great time meeting our fans, haters, and everyone in between," Ben wrote on the Windows Phone blog, adding that Windows Phone beat 30 handsets, lost against three and drew with one.

Among the phones Windows Phone beat were the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, Galaxy Nexus, Droid Charge, Droid Bionic, the Palm Pre Plus, various models of BlackBerrys, and the AT&T Skyrocket. Ben was beaten by an iPhone 4S and a Galaxy Nexus in races to post a photo to Twitter, while the Droid Bionic got an SMS to a friend faster than his Windows Phone.

Check the video below to see the highlights of the challenges:

Windows Phone Callenge @ CES 2012

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  • madooo12
    and the phones that beat it were dual core
    windows phone seems to be fast
  • back_by_demand
    NuclearShadowI believe this was all fake. The focus on the phones themselves never last and they lack the important camera shot of both phones actually being worked on at the same time. It could very well be done with actors and the few losses are just there to seem realistic which are also extremely minor losses at that. The contestants also seem way too calm and relaxed in-front of the camera and no doubt at-least a small audience watching. It also fits right into Microsoft's marketing past. Remember the laptop hunter commercials?Where they would approach a "stranger" and buy their laptop while also this "stranger" also always just happens to insult Macbooks. The contest above really just seems to be a live version of this same marketing.If it is real then the fact that they did not try to get a shot from the back focusing on the actual performance of the phones is a complete failure. It would have much more marketing value to actually show both screens at the same time and Microsoft's product win time and time again. I don't believe Microsoft would make such a poor judgement if this contest and results were real.

  • TheCapulet
    in_the_loopIt's a simple thing to set up these kind of tests that almost any smartphone OS would win.How?Just pretest hundreds of different scenarios against other phones and pick the specific test where the phone (in this case the windows phone) wins the test.Then do this kind of thing. Let there be a possibility that the phone got beaten in just some tests to make it look less "staged".This wasn't a more neutral benchmark, where we KNOW that Windows Phone gets beaten really bad!

    Read the included story link, moron. Those who challenged them were able to decide whatever challenge they wanted.
  • Other Comments
  • molo9000
    Very scientific.
  • rahulkadukar
    My Dell Streak would beat that
  • madooo12
    and the phones that beat it were dual core
    windows phone seems to be fast