Watch the New Windows Phone 7 Commercials

Building on Ballmer's pitch that phones shouldn't be something you stare at for more than a few minutes, the first ad shows a bunch of people so obviously engrossed in their phones that it's become a problem. The second commercial runs with the same idea but is a little easier to watch. Though the first is more visually pleasing, the second has more talking, more action and more intense music.

Check them out below and let us know what you think! If you knew nothing about phones would this tempt you to go Windows Phone 7 next?

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  • nevertell
    They look great but make no sense.

    Actually that's what a commercial should be.
  • N.Broekhuijsen
    Honestly the first ad should not be presented on it's own, it will confuse people, since it does not clarify the message it is trying to tell.

    I quite like the second one though, that looks like it should work...

    I've seen better ad's though, like Jeremy Clarkson's ad's of the Volkswagen Scirocco Diesel.
  • tmk221
    I bet they are all watching pr0n