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Dell Staff Get Win Phone 7 to Ditch BlackBerrys

The Wall Street Journal reports that Dell has revealed plans to move its 25,000 employees over to its own line of smartphones, giving them all Windows Phone 7-equipped Venue Pros in exchange for handing in their BlackBerrys.

CFO Brian Gladden said the company would be working with T-Mobile to hash out a deal that would allow Dell to purchase minutes and data in bulk rather than buying individual plans for employees. Unused data and minutes would carryover, and the switch itself would eliminate the need for BlackBerry servers, saving Dell 25 percent in mobile communication costs.

Though this obviously shows Dell's confidence in its own product, the company also has plans to aggressively market a service to help other companies make the same switch. No doubt Dell plans to use its own experiences as an example of how great things could turn out. There is one problem, however. With Dell handing out 25,000 Venue Pros (the company will also offer employees Dell-brand Android phones in the future), there's going to be 25,000 BlackBerrys lying in a heap in Dell's office. Dell doesn't seem to be quite sure how it's going to get rid of the phones yet, but the company's definitely been brainstorming to come up with a solution.

"We actually had a conversation last night around creating a site on eBay where we can actually sell these BlackBerry devices, Mr. Gladden told the Wall Street Journal.

Read more about the switch here.

Source: Wall Street Journal           

  • plznote
    i'll buy one
  • jskilnyk
    I can see why Dell is giving them phones. I mean if they can save 25% overall cost of phone and data service for 25,000 employees. Thats a lot of money. I be whoever thought of that money saving idea at Dell is getting a nice fat bonus.
  • Dell should offer that to other companies. Replace all their Windows XP towers and Blackberrys for 7&7.
  • xantek24
    hey dell, wanna do business? i can make those blackberries disappear in a week.
  • Yeah, like ANY Microsoft hardware item has ever lasted more that 3 years before being shelved as unusable - the MS mouse excepted.
  • john_westra
    The cost savings (ROI) associated with the elimination of a propriety messaging infrastructure (Blackberry Servers), is the "value nugget" in this story. If Dell can demonstrate a ROI case to other businesses, who don't have the luxury of getting devices at the manufacturer's cost, this could be a devastating blow to RIM/Blackberry.
  • cookoy
    i can only assume these are company-issued BlackBerrys and not someone's personal stuff.
    next news item: Apple issues iPhones to its employees ("In your dreams" - Jobs)
  • michaelahess
    My windows mobile phone users are much happier than my BB users. Sorry but active sync on exchange 2007/10 is just far superior to BB ent server. I have to assume win phone 7 will work as well as windows mobile 6.5, if not better, so by-by BB.
  • n8dogg
    I love the clowns who think win 7 phone will fail. I had a chance to play with the dell win 7 phone and I love my captivate but it's pretty sweet. I'd buy one just to monkey around with it.
  • Vladislaus
    Olden_AtwoodyYeah, like ANY Microsoft hardware item has ever lasted more that 3 years before being shelved as unusable - the MS mouse excepted.Xbox?

    Also the phone in question is a dell venue pro. To my knowledge microsoft doesn't have a WP7 device.