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Non-EFIGA Territories May Get WP7 Limitations

Consumers looking to get a Windows Phone 7-based device may find themselves locked out of specific features at launch.

According to recent reports, limitations may apply to consumers living in non-EFIGS markets--territories where English, French, Italian, German, or Spanish is not the default language. Apparently these five will be the initial launch languages for the new mobile OS, slated for an official reveal next month.

Although the limitations remain unconfirmed, Marketplace functionality will be limited. The new OS will also not provide Xbox Live service or support Zune. A default keyboard will be made available at launch, but will not contain local characters.

Additionally, only web and e-mail content may be displayed on native languages without localized phone menus. Copy/paste functionality will even be disabled across the board no matter the default language.

Previous reports indicate that Xbox Live and Zune services will supposedly be available for EFIGS regions at launch--Microsoft has been reportedly working on getting the localized infrastructure up and running over the last few months. It's speculated that the company will eventually invest in localized servers/infrastructures outside the EFIGS market, but that may actually depend on consumer demand.