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Dell Streak Available Unlocked in July for $500

Today we learn the Dell Streak is going on sale next month for $500. Though the price sounds steep, especially when compared to the $199 sweet spot Apple, HTC and the rest seem to be favoring, the 5-inch Android device is different in that it's coming unlocked.

That's right, similar to what Google offered with the Nexus One, the Dell Streak will be available direct to customers through the Dell's wesbite. Back in May, Dell confirmed the device would be hitting AT&T sometime during the summer and the company confirmed an exclusive agreement with O2 UK, so it's rather surprising to hear the device will be available unlocked in the US. We'll keep you updated on this one and let you know when we hear more.

The Dell Streak packs a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor; a 800x480 capacitive touch-screen display with multi-touch zooming; a 5MP camera with a dual-LED flash; Wi-Fi; and 3G.

  • Ehsan w
    that's pretty sweet. But isn't an unlocked Iphone more expensive? Same for the Htc's?
    It is here in Holland.....although the price would be around the same as some Htc's.
  • LePhuronn
    exactly the same specs as my HTC Desire, except the screen's a bit bigger.

    Sorry Dell, too late to the party...
  • Glorian
    I'm sure it will be 199 with contract later, I hope to pick this up when it does. Time to retire my old smart phone.
  • eddieroolz
    They should've learned from Google's mistake in selling it exclusively by net in the US. Being unlocked is nice, but when the majority of wireless customers don't know the difference between unlocked and locked, the steep price would turn customers away.
  • invlem
    can't really compare it to the $199 price point which locks you into a 3 year contract, the iPhone is $599 without a contract
  • It like a Nexus one unlocked for GSM mobile carrier T-Mobile 900mhz band, but wait to get AT@T service 850mhz you have to dash out more money to buy another Nexus one phone. Let not talk about cdma service. If it somewhat unlocked, it should be at least quad-band phone. To be truly unlocked it should support cdma and gsm network.
  • house70
    invlemcan't really compare it to the $199 price point which locks you into a 3 year contract, the iPhone is $599 without a contractthat is for a locked iPhone. If u want it unlocked, be prepared to pay almost double that.
  • Parsian
    its not bad at all, but whether it can compete with a iPhone 4G is another thing since it seems to be on par spec wise with the exception of 4G feature... but then again if they price it lower, i dont mind spending money on this.
  • MisterClean
    Not bad, but why would you want this when they've announced the Dell Thunder and Dell Lightning to be released sometime later this year?

    I wish we could get details on them soon, as I'm pretty excited about the two.
  • brennon7
    Unlocked would be great if every carrier used GSM, since they don't it's pointless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!