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Skyrim Dog Costumes to Sell on Ebay

By now, Skyrim has taken the world by storm with awesome, strange and even disturbing mods. Along with the countless hours of immersive gameplay has come an abundance of Skyrim-themed fandom. The latest piece of Skyrim awesomeness comes from Alicia Scantlin, whose canine costumes have been rapidly making their way around the blogosphere.

These crocheted costumes might not be the most comfortable puppy clothes out there, but then again great cosplays are seldom comfortable. The dragon costume is a one-piece, while the Dragonborn armor is accessorized with several crocheted pieces including an iconic horned helmet, sword, shield and pads. After seeing the reaction from the web, Alicia is now planning on creating more custom-fitted costumes to sell on eBay. Shoot her an email or message on Facebook for more details on how to order your own set.