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Samsung Reveals ''World's Thinnest Tablets''

Samsung’s got a successful line of Galaxy smartphones but the company has run into a few speed bumps while expanding its line of tablets. Originally, the company had just one tablet, the 7-inch Galaxy Tab. However, at Mobile World Congress in February, it gave us a 10.1-inch version running Google’s Honeycomb OS. Not too long after, Sammy started teasing an 8.9-inch version that was scheduled for a CTIA unveiling.

Everything seemed to be going according to plan until Apple launched the iPad 2. Thinner and lighter than the first, Samsung admitted it would have to rethink the pricing and even the form factor of the device itself.

"We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate," Lee Don-Joo, executive VP of Samsung mobile told Yonhap news agency. "Apple made it very thin."

"The 10-inch [tablet] was to be priced higher than the seven-inch but we will have to think that over," he added.

Today, the company showed off its redesigned 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab, and unveiled the 8.9-inch model for the first time. At .33 inches thick, the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 is even thinner than the iPad 2 (Samsung is actually touting it as 'the world's slimmest tablet'), sports a 1GHz dual-core CPU, and when it's released this June, will cost the same as the iPad: $499 for the 16GB WiFi model and $599 for the 32GB WiFi model. This is quite a departure from the €700 price tag we saw for the original 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab design.

Also making its debut is the 8.9-inch model, which is just as thin as its big brother, and also features a dual-core processor. It joins the 10.1-inch model in running Honeycomb, which means that along with being the fatter, less glamorous older sibling, the original Galaxy Tab is now the only one running Froyo. The 8.9-inch Tab will start at $469 for the 16GB WiFi model and $569 for the 32GB WiFi model.