Samsung Galaxy S2 to Receive Android Jelly Bean 4.1

Samsung has confirmed that its Galaxy S2 will receive the Android Jelly Bean 4.1 update. Although it failed to mention when the upgrade will become available for the device, it did reveal details on the forthcoming update, and both Google Now and Android Project Butter will be included.

Also on the way is built-in Google+ compatibility, Google Play Books and Google Play Movies. The update itself will take up to 1 GB of storage on the Galaxy S2 due to a new system partition.

Samsung also said several features introduced in the Galaxy S3 will make its way to the the S2. The Smart Stay feature, for one, prevents the screen from timing out when a user is viewing it. The Camera app, meanwhile, will allow users to pause recordings.

The smartphone will also receive the Pop-Up Play functionality, which delivers the ability to continue playing a video while emailing, texting, browsing the web, or performing other similar activities.

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  • kryzzay
    Good news!
  • dark_knight33
    Yeah, unless you are on VZW. In that case, the update will come by about the time your display fails due to old age, and 5 gens of phones have been released. Thank XDA for good alternatives.
  • back_by_demand
    Hahaha, deleted first post, I guess it's not just swearing that gets a banhammer but daring to question a slow news day on the business tech event in the world