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Samsung Galaxy S III to Hit March 13?

Despite recent reports that the Galaxy S III announcement has been delayed, the latest word on the street is pointing to a March 13 launch for first availability. According to a posting over on MobileCowboys, the phone will arrive in Turkey in the second week of March. The website's source claims to have seen a list of upcoming Samsung products and says we can expect the S III to land in Turkey on March 13. If this is true, we expect other European countries will get the phone around the same time. We do know for certain that Turkey was not among the first to get the Galaxy S II (the first European country to get the S II was the UK, on May 1, and the phone didn't arrive in Turkey until June 9), so we're not the country to have a massive lead on other European markets.

If these rumors are true, it means a MWC launch isn't at all impossible. The last we heard, Samsung had put off the unveiling of the S III because it didn't want a huge gap between the announcement and availability. However, if the phone is set to arrive in Europe less than a fortnight after MWC wraps up, we find it hard to imagine Samsung passing up the opportunity of a MWC launch.

Other devices tipped to be launching this year include the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy Note S. MobileCowboys' source says these will arrive late in the year but provided little in the way of information on the two devices.

Are you eagerly awaiting the launch of the Galaxy SIII? Let us know in the comments below!

*Image above is from Samsung's Highlights of CES video and shows a phone many believe to be the Galaxy SIII.

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