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Push Gmail Launched for iPhone, WinMo, S60

Announced last year, Google Sync lets you synchronize your Gmail contacts  and your Google calendars with your iPhone, S60 devices and of course, Windows Mobile devices. Yesterday, Google announced another feature for Sync that a lot of people are likely to jump at: Push Gmail support.

Those of you panicking about having to Sync your contacts and calendars too, don't need to worry. You can pick and choose what you want to synchronize so if you just want you mail, that's totally okay.

Unfortunately a couple of us in the office have tried out the new feature and can't seem to get it to work. Between insisting our passwords are incorrect and telling us it can't connect to the server, I've just about given up. Let us know if you've managed to get it working and on what device.

Click here to try Google Sync for yourself.