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Interactive Phone Concept Offers Fun Ways to Use

Designed by Mac Funamizu, the Von Mobile Phone brings an innovative new way to perform simple phone tasks. With smartphones all becoming similarly advanced in technology and hardware, it has become difficult to call a new phone truly 'unique'. Modern phones and even conceptual phones focus on crowd pleasing technical features and hardware specifics, but Funamizu's phone takes a different approach.

The Von is an interactive phone that allows users to perform three special actions that relate to basic phone functions. Users are able to knock, shake and tap on their Von phone to do things such as checking calls and text messages, viewing RSS feeds and tweets, and even playing and changing music. The look and form of the phone is designed to resemble the playful nature of the xylophone. It may not have all of the features we have come to expect and look for in modern phones, but the Von Mobile Phone brings a refreshing new way to envision differences in the cellphone platform.