webOS Makes Comeback on Google Nexus S

Thanks to a dedicated set of volunteers, WebOS, HP's "Next Generation Web Centric Platform", has made its comeback on the Android-powered Google Nexus S smartphone.

A team named the Phoenix International Communications has worked together to create a port of WebOS that runs over the top of Android on smartphones.

Currently, it works on the Samsung-developed Google Nexus S. It functions as an application on the device; however, judging from the video posted below, it still has some way to go to become a full release. The reason for its incomplete form is due to the fact that it's currently a pre-Alpha build.

HP offered webOS to the open source community towards the latter stages of 2011, with September seeing the firm release an open source beta version for developers, which was soon followed by webOS 1.0. However, it failed to garner any traction with developers or the community.



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  • kawininjazx
    Woop dee doo Basil.
  • scythe944
    Man, I really hope this comes back with some great hardware and dev support. It was a really great mobile OS.
  • derekullo
    The tablet i am making by myself is also in the Pre-Alpha stage.