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2 GHz Motorola Android Phone May Arrive in Q4

Is Motorola wanting a little piece of the Apple? Just days after Steve Jobs finally revealed the spoiled surprise known as iPhone 4, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha said that the company plans to release an Android smartphone with a 2 GHz processor by the end of the year.

The revelation came Thursday at the Executives Club of Chicago while he talked about the future of the mobile landscape, and how mobile computers may eventually give way to highly-capable smartphones. Unfortunately, Jha didn't elaborate more on the 2 GHz device.

However another unnamed Motorola executive added that the device will incorporate everything that is technologically possible in a smartphone today. The processor itself is supposedly an evolutionary step above the current 1 GHz Snapdragon chip. The phone itself will incorporate a gyroscope, and a Nvidia Tegra-based graphic processor (with full Flash 10.1 hardware acceleration). 

As for the screen and overall resolution, the 2 GHz device is expected to feature 720p output (finally!), an "HD screen resolution," and a built-in camera with a resolution greater than 5 megapixels.

Given Motorola's track record with Android-based devices, the upcoming super-charged device will likely land on Verizon Wireless, possibly during the holiday season as seen with the Motorola Droid. This date would also give Motorola enough time to take notes from Apple's current mobile phone and incorporate features that will raise the ante until the next iPhone revision.