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T-Mobile's Galaxy S Vibrant Getting Froyo Now

While Nexus One users are busy trying to get their hands on Gingerbread, there are an awful lot of people still waiting for upgrades to previous versions of Android. However, it seems Galaxy S Vibrant users are about to join the steadily increasing number of Froyo users.

Despite rumors that said the reason for the delay was Samsung’s decision to charge carriers for the update (Samsung has denied this), T-Mobile says Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant users will be getting Froyo today. Speaking to PCMag, chief marketing officer for T-Mobile, Cole Brodman, confirmed that Vibrant owners would start seeing the update on January 21.

As is the case in most of these situations, they’re not pushing it out to everyone at the same time; it’s going to be coming out in waves. However, don’t despair! Brodman insists that everyone should have it within a few weeks.

Further dispelling the rumors that it was all down to money, PCMag cites Brodman as saying it wasn’t about marketing, sales or payments. Rather, it was a purely technical delay.

"It was a quality control and timing issue," Brodman said. "The biggest challenge is integration and customization."

Brodman also said that going forward T-Mobile hopes to roll out Android OS updates 3-5 months after Google makes it public. That’d be a nice change, considering Froyo came out last summer.

(via Engadget)