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Galaxy Nexus Confirmed for December Launch in U.S.

It's already available in the United Kingdom and, come December 8, our neighbors in the Great White North will be able to pick one up, too. Now it has been confirmed that the Galaxy Nexus' U.S. launch will also be taking place next month.

Announced in mid-October and slated for a November launch, the release date for the Galaxy Nexus has been a well-kept secret up until this point. We knew the phone would launch with Verizon before making its way to other networks, we just had no idea when that would be. When Google confirmed the November 16 launch for customers in the UK, we assumed the U.S. could not be too far behind. Indeed, rumors seemed to suggest that the phone might launch on or around Black Friday. However, it seems we'll have to wait until the calendar ticks over to December before we see the phone in stores.

"We just got confirmation from Samsung that the Galaxy Nexus will launch on Verizon in December instead," writes Business Insider's Steve Kovach, adding, "Still no word on pricing or an exact release date."

Samsung gave no reason for the apparent delay in what was originally supposed to be a November launch.