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Fujitsu '4 Life' Laptop Replacements

As detailed on its UK website, users are offered the deal of buying any Lifebook notebook at the moment with add a three-year warranty upgrade, which will enter them in the Lifebook ‘4’ Life programme. Under the terms, every three years Fujitsu Siemens will provide the user with a brand new Lifebook “of like for like specifications” for life.

The website reads: “It really is that simple - all you need to do is register your purchase of a LIFEBOOK and associated 3 years warranty upgrade on our registration pages within 21 days of purchase and then remember to claim your new LIFEBOOK every 3 years moving forwards!”

Currently, the offer appears only on Fujitsu Siemens’ UK website, meaning that the deal won’t apply to consumers elsewhere yet.

We’re still scratching our heads at how Fujitsu Siemens can offer such an astoundingly good deal. Perhaps the company intends to rely on the extra warranty and insurance purchases that will reoccur every three years, though that still wouldn’t add up to the cost of a new notebook every few years.

One thing is for sure, if this deal is as good as it sounds, then “Lifebook” is certainly living up to its name.