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New Gear at E3 2012

ROCCAT: A Kone Refresh, And New Lua

XTD on the left, Kone+ on the right

XTD on the left, Kone+ on the right

ROCCAT was back in the US to show off some new mice, starting with the Kone XTD. We looked at the Kone+ a few months ago, and were impressed with the sensor and design. The XTD is a mere refresh, keeping the body largely the same, although more lighting has been added. The major improvement comes in the sensor, which has been bumped up to 8200dpi. The new lighting will react to whatever game you're playing, once more developers are brought on board. Walking through fire in Diablo III? The Kone XTD lights up a brilliant orange-red, and so on.

Next is the Lua, which is more of a bare-bones offering. An ambidextrous design and three buttons (left-, middle- and right- click) keeps things light and simple. It's also an optical mouse, not laser, with a 2,500dpi sensor. Both the XTD and the Lua come with the ROCCAT driver software we loved so much the first time around, so customization and presets should be a snap.