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New Gear at E3 2012

Razer: Loving Mechs, Mice and Battlefield 3

Razer had some truly unique gear to show off at E3, starting with the best game controller since the Steel Battalion monstrosity from 2002. It's still a concept (no commitment to bring it to market), but Razer's MechWarrior Online controller will being you as close to piloting a real mech as you'll ever get. It almost looks like an iPad has been shoehorned into this controller, along with a killer joystick and a large keypad on the right. As someone who will love mech titles until the day I die, I really, really hope Razer makes this a viable product later in 2012.

Now onto the soon-to-be-buyable gear, like the Blackshark headset. The Blackshark looks like something one would wear while flying around in a Black Hawk helicopter, and this licensed piece of Battlefield 3 gear has some of the coolest design we've seen in a recent headset.The exposed cabling, snug oval ear cushions and lightweight naked aluminum styling really does give it a military feel (although the orange cables bring that back to reality a little). The 40mm drivers should provide plenty of bass for all of those in-game explosions, and the over-ear design will keep outside noise to a minimum. The Blackshark won't make you better at Battlefield 3, but it should score you some points in the style department, at least.

Razer brought a new 4G mouse to E3, too, called the Taipan. It's an ambidextrous design, and the ergonomics keep hand sizes and grip styles of all kinds in mind. Small or big, claw or palm, the Taipan has one of the newer 8200dpi infrared 4G sensors, coupled with an optical sensor to handle lift tracking. With nine fully-programmable buttons, this latest Razer mouse should do the brand name some justice.