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New Gear at E3 2012

Steelseries: MLG and Licenses Galore

Next up is Steelseries, which came to E3 with two truly new products while wrapping some great artwork and brands around some existing models.

The World of Warcraft Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse is exactly what its name brings us to believe: a wireless mouse designed with World of Warcraft players in mind. Eleven fully programmable buttons should be more than enough for whatever buffs and hotbar toggles you have going on, and the 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity should give you plenty of range with no interference (although it would be great if the middle-click started the Baked Potato setting on your microwave). The sensor tops out at 8200cpi (or dpi, depending on the company), but can be brought down to 200, with plenty of stop in-between. If you tend to shy away form wireless mice like me, this WoW Mouse can be turned into a wired input device by attaching the included USB cable, which both charges the mouse and takes over data duty when plugged in.

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Steelseries brought plenty of other mice with them, although these are all available models with some new branding attached. The Sensei MLG, Kana Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Kana DOTA 2 mice all stock Kana and Sensei (same sensors and buttons) with new paint jobs.

Last but not least is the not-yet-released Flux headset, which we first saw during CES. This time around it's draped in Guild Wars 2 colors, speaker tags and all. The Flux line should see a release later in 2012, and the color customization that goes with these new cans is staggering.