New Gear at E3 2012

Game-Changers: ViviTouch, GAEMS and Nvidia

Rumble feedback has been around for years, going all the way back to the Nintendo 64. Vivitouch wants to change the game up a bit, however, and its embedded products will be the rumble and feedback in your smartphone, headset and controller that much better.

Much like a muscle expanding on contracting due to an electric current from the body, ViviTouch's materials rapidly change shape when current is applied. While muscles are huge, the Vivitouch film is razor-thin and can be placed in an iPhone, behind a headphone speaker, or in an Xbox 360 controller. The feedback from ViviTouch devices feels more organic, and lacks the high-pitched whirring noise you get with traditional rumble motor. When paired with a Logitech headset, the Vivitouch material vibrates your entire ear, not the inside; this adds a bass effect without doing any sort of potential damage to your hearing. It's some pretty cool tech, and ViviTouch should be officially announcing some partners by year's end.

Nvidia has some new tech in the pipeline, although it's not a new graphics card or tablet SoC this time around. GRID is a new cloud gaming platform that Nvidia is using with business partners like Samsung, which brings AAA title gaming beyond the consoles and PC. While Gaikai and OnLive have hardware or require a gaming platform to work, Nvidia's service is coming to select Samsung SMART TVs in the near future. Paired with a USB controller, you can play new, big titles like Hawken with about 80ms of latency.

Last but not least? GAEMS has a new portable Xbox 360 rig for sale, called the G155. The suitcase gaming station pairs a LCD monitor, speakers and an HDMI cable with your console, so you can play games anywhere, provided there's a outlet nearby. There's also some cool branding going on, like this Mass Effect 3 "N7" case.

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  • Anonymous
    Headset looks so sick.
  • wiinippongamer
    You cant get a much better gaming experience and 10 times better overall sound quality for less than $150 with an audio technica AD700 and a clip-on zalman mic. All "gaming" headsets out there are pure rubbish.
  • wiinippongamer
    I intende to say you CAN get a better experience
  • elcentral
    why would you say a50 head set is not as set for gaming compared to the a40 ? a50 is a overall better product and adds wireless. i cant count the times wireless helps me in gaming. you are gathering for an instance and your guild leaders talk about how you will succeed. you can go to the wc take some drinks from the fridge start some coffee and still be in the middle of the walk true. i can no longer use wired headsets.
  • Anonymous
    I was able to listen to the samples at the E3 booth. They were funky as I will not wear them in public. The lights were not distracting.The 3 sound modes were okay. The surround sound is not true digital surround..meaning it is with the red and white audio plugs. Not the digital optical cable we so love. BUT!The simulated surround sound these headsets have makes it hard to believe they arent digital.
    The wireless sounded fantastic! No popping distortion. Even with all of the background noise from the E3 showroom hall, the game audio was clear and detailed. I will be getting a pair for sure!They're going to be like having a fat chick sitting on my to wear inside the bedroom. But I don't want my friends seeing me doing it.
  • nolarrow
    I hate this head set more than any other computer product I've ever used. Mic sounds like garbage. Head phones are less comfortable, less reliable than my fata1ity gaming headset I got for $15 on a newegg sale. For the love of everything holy people, do not buy this shit. No part of this peice of crap justifies $250. My mic wont work if I have the system setup via optical, but if I leave the system setup via usb then it sounds worse than my other head set. Its just a big ol' turd. Avoid astro products.