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Dunhill's Biometric Wallet Only Opens for You

There are all kind of tips and tricks for protecting you and your assets when it comes to walking around sketchy areas. Perhaps you’re always sure to carry a hot, uncovered cup of coffee, or you carry a second ‘decoy’ wallet to hand over should anyone try to rob you. However, a tricked-out wallet could be much more useful.

This is Dunhill’s Biometric wallet. Featuring a biometric card that detects the owner’s fingerprint, this carbon fiber wallet will only open for the person who payed the roughly $800 to buy it in the first place. Sure, a thief could probably get it open if they really, really wanted to, but this might at least give you some extra time to call the bank and cancel your cards before the robber has a chance to hit Amazon.

Fingerprint security isn’t all this wallet has got going for it, though. Apart from looking pretty stylish, it comes with a Bluetooth feature that connects it to your phone and sets off an alarm anytime your wallet and phone are more than 5 meters apart. That could come in pretty handy for protecting against pick-pockets.

Pick one up here.