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Samsung's Rugged Phone has 67-days of Standby

These days it's all about smartphones. Basic cell phones (or 'dumbphones,' as they're often referred to) are becoming less popular but there are some areas where these dumbphones outdo their smarter counterparts; one is battery and the other is durability. How many times did you drop your trusty Blokia 5510 or hurl it across the room in a fit of rage and have it live to tell the tale?

If you're the type who prefers both battery and sturdiness to apps and touchscreens then Samsung has something for you. The Xcover E2370 is the company's latest rugged handset and, aside from being IP54-certified for dust and splash resistance, the device packs a 67-day standby time. That translates to roughly 22 hours of talk-time. According to Unwired it boasts GSM/EDGE connectivity, a 128x160 pixels TFT display, Bluetooth, an FM radio, VGA camera, 5MB of internal memory, and MicroSD support for up to 2GB.

It's debuting in Sweden next month for 750SEK/€78/$96. No word on a release for other European countries or the U.S. but we'll keep an eye out for those of you who regularly find yourselves in an environment that calls for a rugged phone like this one.