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Dell Smartphone Deemed Boring, Says Analyst

Anytime a new product is a success, you see a whole bunch of “me too” products in the months after. If the original manufacturer is making buckets of money from one device, every other company under the sun wants to get in on it.

It happened with netbooks and it happened with smartphones. The iPhone was a hit and suddenly every company was endeavoring to bring out the one that would slay the beast. None have come close (although the hype surrounding the Storm was significant) and while many are putting all their eggs in Pre-brand baskets, it turns out the market doesn’t have room for entries from just any old company trying its luck.

A while back, reports said that Dell was well on its way to producing a smartphone. Our reaction was the same as the one we had when we heard about that lightbulb company (Sylvania) and its netbook. Amusement with a dash of fatigue. The Wall Street Journal was the first to report the rumors back in January and word on the street was Dell could put two smartphones on the market as early as February. February came and went and we saw no smartphone. Not that we noticed, mind you.

Today we found out where those two smartphones (one with Android, one running an unnamed OS) went -- nowhere. According to MarketWatch, the Dell smartphones have been put on hold because of lack of interest from carriers. While it could easily be argued that the phone companies are already offering enough smartphones and don’t feel like taking on another, analysts say carriers felt Dell’s prototypes were too boring and didn’t offer anything wasn’t already possible with another device.

MarketWatch cites Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu who says Dell's devices, designed to run software from both Microsoft and Google, have so far failed to distinguish themselves from a growing field of competitors. "From our conversations with supply chain and industry sources, it appears that it ultimately came down to lack of carrier interest," Wu wrote.

Wu went on to say that Dell has gone back to the drawing board with regards to a smartphone. What do you guys make of Dell trying to squeeze its way into the market? Would you like to see something from Dell or are you getting tired of this smartphone trend?