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Google Intros Skee Ball Game that Uses Phone and Desktop

Google has always had some rather interesting ways of getting people to use Chrome. A couple of months ago, the company turned its browser into a maze game that required users to install both the mobile and desktop versions of Chrome. This time around, the search giant is appealing to the die hard skee ball fans out there.

Thanks to Google's latest experiment, you can now indulge in this fair ground classic without ever having to leave your home. Better yet, there's no need to fork out $5 or purchase overpriced tickets to take a turn. Similar to before, this game requires both mobile and desktop Chrome to be installed on your devices.

The game was announced via Google+ and is called 'Roll It.' Users aim with their phone via the touchscreen and then flick their wrist to release the ball on their desktop. There's also special balls, such as Atom Ball, Fire Ball, and Hover Ball, and support for up to three players. 


Check out the demo video below or hit up to try for yourself!