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Blackberry Makes More Claims About New Platform's Apps

After the recent milestone hit by BlackBerry's App store, the company revealed more information pertaining to the nature of the apps themselves. According to official figures, 20 percent of the apps available on the Blackberry 10 platform are actually not native, but are Android apps.

In order to expand its application base without pressuring developers too much, BlackBerry allows certified Android applications to run on its platform through an inbuilt emulator, thus allowing access to otherwise unavailable apps for their devices. BlackBerry's VP Martyn Mallick has said that this strategy has been paying off, as developers see their Android-based apps succeed on the platform and subsequently shift focus from simply using the emulator to recoding the app for full native support. 

In a further bold move, BlackBerry has also given developers a guarantee that within the first year, certified BlackBerry 10 apps will make at least $10,000 in sales. How the company is going to uphold this statement is uncertain, but it will definitely aid to pull in developers from popular companies such as Instagram and Netflix, which are still missing from the app store.

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