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VIDEO: BlackBerry PlayBook Running iOS Apps

Here's something you probably didn't expect to see: A BlackBerry PlayBook running iOS applications. This form of technological witchcraft is brought to us by user Businesscat2000 from the Crackberry forums. First thought to be fake, the Verge reports Businesscat2000 proved himself by porting over an iPhone-only app that CrackBerry founder KevinMichaluk sent to him in less than an hour.

Businesscat2000 describes the app as "an 'iOS player' of sorts" and says it allows iOS apps to run on various platforms. On his YouTube channel he shows it running on RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook. A second video, embedded below, shows it running on Windows.

When asked by fellow CrackBerry users if he planned on releasing the fruits of his labor, Businesscat2000 said, "I would like to release to the public, but not sure if I will be able to."