RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook Shipping March 2011

When the PlayBook was first announced there was speculation as to whether or not the device actually existed. After all, RIM wasn't exactly forthcoming with demos and it was a while before anyone got a hands-on. Still, that was a long time ago and since then we've seen numerous video demos of the device, even one comparing it to the iPad. We've seen enough, though, we want to know when we can buy it!

Sadly, it looks like the days of drooling over this companion device in videos are going to continue well into 2011. RIM has given us a little hint as to when we can expect the device. During an earnings call the company spoke about the revenue that will be generated by the PlayBook and how they don't expect to be able to include it in the company's revenue until Q1 of the company's fiscal year, which doesn't start until March.

Don't despair though, RIM did say that the device would be launching in the first calendar quarter of 2011, so it's looking very likely we'll see a March release of the device.

RIM also said that it would launch the U.S. version as a WiFi-only device first and that successive launches in other markets will see the QNX-based tablet add a phone radio. No word on whether that's 3G or 4G but we'll let you know more if we hear something new.

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  • patfactorx
    This is going to be 2 months too late to compete with the Android flood
  • sanjeevdr
    I would like to see a good number of apps ready for Playbook
    before its launched. This apps list forms a main deciding
    factor in Playbooks success or failure.

  • feeddagoat
    patfactorxThis is going to be 2 months too late to compete with the Android flood

    Yet nothing in that android flood excites me. Galaxy tab is far too expensive, Archos 101 and 70 are missing features and have a few bugs and most of the rest are cheap tat. HP using windows 7 automatically puts me off that too leaving only the Playbook. A few other Android tabs sound promising but I'm avoiding them, like android phones unless they use later than 2.2 and if they do use 2.2 Im not wanting to be at a carrier or manufacturer's mercy waiting over a year for an update. Look at Sony's X10. It was promised 2.1 and while some sort of rollout was attempted, it was broken and pulled. Basically they're still on 1.6 and now even the promised 2.2 is looking long in the tooth by the time they get round to it. Sony screwed X10 owners worse than any other company but its repeated across the android range. Unless it ships with 2.2 or later I wouldn't recommend touching it nor consider it a worthy attempt as its imcomplete.