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AT&T: Record Sales on iPhone 3GS Launch Day

When the iPhone 3GS launched, it was a very 'meh' affair. Nothing could compare to the launch of the original iPhone back in 2007, but the 3GS launch couldn't even hold a candle to last year's release of the iPhone 3G. That said, AT&T has reported that it achieved record sales the day the iPhone 3GS hit the streets.

In an internal memo leaked to All Things Digital, MacDailyNews and the Wall Street Journal, the carrier claims to have seen its "best-ever sales day" in the company's retail stores on June 19. Not only that, but also its second-largest traffic day in the stores. AT&T went on to say that the iPhone 3GS was also responsible for the most transactions processed by its IT systems in a single day and the largest ever order day on

Unfortunately this conveniently leaked memo about how AT&T is the best thing since sliced bread is devoid of numbers. Check out the full memo below (via All Things Digital)

Hands up who contributed to AT&T's record breaking day of sales?