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Crazy: 98-inch HDTV Mounted in Ceiling

An article over on Electronic House shows an incredibly large 98-inch screen mounted in a ceiling, a scary sight to be honest, although high-def gaming while lying in bed doesn't sound too shabby. Although the post doesn't exactly describe how the 98-inch StarGlas60 display was installed (although the ceiling had to be reframed and reinforced), mom Patti Deni definitely went all out for her teenage son's bedroom.

According to the article, the entire 300+ lbs. package consists of an NEC projector paired with Draper projection mirrors mounted within the display. Apparently, HD images can be viewed from any angle so that Patty's son doesn't have to stay on his back. The installer--Williamsville, NY-based Stereo Advantage--also had to install wiring for the game consoles, laptop computer, and cable box to the rear-projection.

“He and his friends can prop themselves just about anywhere and get a good view,” Deni said.

  • dzeric
    Headline today "Crazy: 98-inch HDTV Mounted in Ceiling"
    Tomorrow's headline "Tragedy strikes when television falls on child"
  • XD_dued
    That'd suck if it broke and fell on you LOL
  • bdcrlsn
    And yet his room looks very un-nerdy.
  • okibrian
    Humm, why are kids over weight these days? Humm, I wonder.
  • kingnoobe
    I wish my parents would've been rich when i was growning up.. Although they still wouldn't have got me that stuff lol.
  • boju
    Holaa wow, crazy... Guess this brings a whole new meaning to looking up out to the stars - IN HIGH-DEF! With your gf, hehe and enjoy watching the moon landing while they're at it.

    Imagine at school or something. His mates ask him;

    Q: uhm, how come you're head is tilted up most of the time?

    A: Argh what... it is?
  • Startingline13
    Wow. What a dumb idea. Besides the safety factor of it being in the ceiling (which it most likely is secured, so that's not a problem), but how uncomfortable must that be to look at?
  • nukemaster
    Since its a projector system, I bet what you see is not the heavy part, the mirrors mounted in the attic is another story and well, if people can walk in the attic, then this can sit up there(weight wise). The hardest part is cutting a spot tall(looks too wide to fit between standard trusses) enough for the screen, but even that is not too hard to be honest.

    At the same time. How spoiled.
  • Zoonie
    Although although although, although although.
  • belardo
    Can she be my mommy?