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ASUS Planning 3G Tab, MeeGo, Android Netbooks

With CeBit in full swing over in Germany, it seems ASUS has been eager to get the word out about its future plans in the mobile market. CEO Jerry Shen has gone on record saying his company is planning a 3D tablet, a MeeGo netbook, and a Windows Phone 7 smartphone in the next year or so.

Liliputing reports that while speaking to Russian media, Jerry gave a quick rundown of what we can expect from ASUS over the next year and into 2012. Of course, with tablets and smartphones being such a driving force in the industry, both featured heavily on the company's upcoming agenda. Shen said they plan on releasing a tablet with 3D capabilities as well as a Windows Phone 7 smartphone in 2012. Unfortunately, he didn't lay out any details for that 3D tablet, such as OS, so we'll have to wait and see there.

Interestingly, Shen also revealed that though ASUS has high hopes for tablets, it's not giving up on its beloved netbook line either. The company is planning an Atom-based Android netbook as well as an Atom-based MeeGo netbook. The future of MeeGo, the mobile OS that came as a result of a partnership between Nokia and Intel, was cast in an unsteady light not too long ago when Nokia announced plans to make Windows Phone 7 its primary smartphone OS.

Also, while the world is going gaga for dual-core tablets, Jerry says that the tablet market will soon move towards quad-core tablets, though didn't offer any further information or elaborate on this statement.

Read more on Liliputing.

  • kilo_17
    A quad-core tablet sounds pretty cool
  • joytech22
    When i see 2012 it somehow makes me think it's still 2010.

    Anyway back on topic, It'll be great if Meego is given another chance as long as it dualboots with another OS, such as Android, Linux (Preferably Ubuntu) or Windows.
  • biofrog
    MeeGo development will still progress just fine, with or without Nokia choosing WP7. Intel knows this and still has the power to pursue MeeGo as the next iteration of its Moblin OS.

    It's not even targeted just for mobile phones, but all mobile devices - netbooks and the like. Even Nokia realise this, which is why they have decided to continue development of MeeGo on their N900 phone:
  • beta tester
    I like it that Asus will use MeeGo on a netbook.

    This is fantastic.

    Even if you buy one and change the OS to a different free Linux distro, such as Ubuntu or Chrome OS, it means you don't have to pay the Microsoft tax (which happens when you buy a Windows netbook and erase Windows to replace it with a more efficient Linux-based OS)
  • Nvidia Tegra 3 coming in November is quad core. dual core will be history in a matter of months.
    it would be interesting to see if intel release an atom based processor capable of doing quad core with a good GPU on board the devices. how long will an atom processor be enough when a mobile/tablet device will have more power then it?and thus replace the need for a netbook when a tablet will be able to do it.tablets CAN run windows and have done so for years. time intel play catch up.all for competition in this industry. love seeing apple struggle with their overpriced fashion statement devices.
  • ProDigit10
    Bah, an atom based android netbook is not what most customers want!
    If they would, they would be able to download android and install it over their windows!

    No, what people want is an ARM based windows netbook (that can run previous windows games successfully).
    I think a whole market would open if those old CD-ROM games can be played on a mobile device, without performance loss!
  • mosu
    Asus should consider AMD platform at least for Windows tablets and netbooks and dump Intel's Atom and they should improve on connectivity and expandable storage.I'm also curious how fares a MeeGo netbook.
  • falchard
    Windows Phone 7 is simply a fantastic ground work for an OS. Its much easier then iOS and Android to develop for. Its minimum specs are also very robust giving alot of power to developers.
  • starryman
    If it's less than $300... it's go time.
  • Zingam
    mosuAsus should consider AMD platform at least for Windows tablets and netbooks and dump Intel's Atom and they should improve on connectivity and expandable storage.I'm also curious how fares a MeeGo netbook.
    I would say that bloated Window will make tablets useless just like netbooks are - slow as hell. Also Asus is about to release tablets with add-on and slide-out keyboards.

    Tablets have a different purpose than a notebook.