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Australian Service Provider Starts Petition For 3G iPhone

Here in the States, Apple has just one network provider for the iPhone, AT&T, however several other countries have multiple carriers for the jesus phone and Australia is among them.

Similar to numerous other countries the 3G iPhone will hit Australian shelves on the 11th of July. Customers will have the choice of signing up with Vodafone or Optus for the iPhone and now 3 wants to convince Apple to let it join the iPhone party.

The SMH reports that tomorrow will see the launch of, a website where 3 customers, (and we guess anyone else who doesn’t want to be tied to Vodaphone or Optus) can register their interest for “the powers that be at Apple to see”.

Noel Hamill, Director of Sales from 3 told the Sydney Morning Herald that since that fateful day at WWDC when the newest version of the iPhone was announced, the service provider has been inundated with calls and requests from customers who want the iPhone but want to stick with 3.

Comments on the official 3 blog show that many loyal customers won’t be going iPhone unless the iPhone comes to them.

“3 are the best network in Australia when it comes down to value for money and knowing exactly what you are paying for. I will not buy the iPhone unless it is on the 3 network! Come on Apple, come to the party!!!”

“Apple if you want people to use the iPhone as an internet device why not give it to the only carrier in australia that keeps wireless internet affordable and not ripping us off blindly like the others???”

However, not all 3 customers are saying they’ll boycott the iPhone in favour of staying with 3,

“Three is great value for money, tempted to leave if they dont get the iPhone though.”

We’ll keep you posted on whether or not the telecommunications company is successful in its endeavour to bring the iPhone to its customers.

Sydney Morning Herald: 3 Launches iPhone Petition