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Verizon Supersizes XL, XXL Data Plans With Extra 2GB

T-Mobile may be throwing out holiday goodies like it's the Oprah of wireless carriers, but its rivals are stepping up to the plate. Verizon just announced it will be giving customers on its XL or XXL data plans an extra 2GB of bandwidth for life, so long as they add a new phone or upgrade between now and Jan. 6.

The free data is shareable and can be combined with other offers, meaning all members on your group's plan can access that extra 2GB if just one of you upgrades. Other devices in your group, such as tablets and connected devices, can also tap into the 2GB, but are not eligible to be upgraded or activated to receive the 2GB of data each month.

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Verizon's XL plan gives you 12GB of data for $80 a month, while the XXL pack offers 18GB for $100. That translates to $20 for 3GB or $25 for 4.5GB per person in a group of four, respectively, excluding the $20 monthly access fee per smartphone.

While it may seem like a good deal for those already on Verizon's XL or XXL plan and looking to upgrade, Verizon's holiday offering is underwhelming compared to T-Mobile's. The Uncarrier is giving its customers three months of unlimited data for free during the holiday season, and is courting AT&T and Sprint customers with $200 bill credits.

T-Mobile says it has something in store to tempt Verizon customers to switch, and we expect a similar $200 bill credit deal from the Uncarrier.

Cherlynn Low

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