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Sony 2018 Android TV Settings Guide: What to Enable, Disable and Tweak

How to access the on-screen channel guide on a Sony TV

When looking for shows and movies on TV, there's nothing quite as helpful for navigating live content as the on-screen channel guide. Pulling up the on-screen guide is simple, but not intuitive. Thankfully, Sony gives you two separate ways to do it.

1. Switch to live TV. To begin with, you'll need to access live TV. To do this, either press the TV button on your remote control or navigate to the sources bar on the home screen. In the sources bar, select channels to view live TV.

2. Option 1: Press the TV button. When viewing live TV you can access the on-screen guide by pressing the TV button, which pulls up several TV-related options, including the on-screen guide and inputs for other media sources, such as a Blu-ray player or a game console.

3. Option 2: Press the Guide button. You can also jump straight to the on-screen guide by pressing the "Guide" button on the remote.

Brian Westover
Brian Westover is an Editor at Tom's Guide, covering everything from TVs to the latest PCs. Prior to joining Tom's Guide, he wrote for TopTenReviews and PCMag.