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Samsung Smart TVs to Run Its Tizen OS

The current, non-Tizen version of the Samsung smart TV interface

The current, non-Tizen version of the Samsung smart TV interface

Samsung is making a concerted effort to put its unique operating system, Tizen, in front of consumers. In 2015, not only will Samsung phones and tablets run on Tizen, but now the company's TVs will do so as well. Samsung announced that Tizen will power its 2015 smart TVs, promising a refined Smart Hub and better connectivity with other Samsung devices.

Information comes by way of Samsung Tomorrow, the manufacturer's official blog. Right now, Samsung smart TVs run on a modified Linux base, while its applications run on Java. (Android functions roughly the same way.) Tizen will not alter the user experience on smart TVs radically, but will help Samsung build a more comprehensive ecosystem between its products.

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Tizen is fairly different from Samsung's existing smart TV software on the back end, but everyday users will notice some modifications as well. The Smart Hub, which acts as a gateway to content on a Samsung smart TV, will now feature recent content and recommendations on the first screen.

More importantly, users can connect to other Samsung devices via Bluetooth. The connectivity goes both ways: A consumer can mirror screen content from a Samsung phone onto a smart TV, as well as watch live TV on a mobile device anywhere on the same Wi-Fi network.

Samsung also highlights a handful of new apps optimized for Tizen. Notable ones include Samsung Sports Live, which lets players watch live games with a statistical overlay, and PlayStation Now, which streams PS3 games directly to TVs.

Tom's Guide will go hands-on with these TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. There, we hope to learn more about Samsung's new TV lineup, and whether its current smart TVs can expect Tizen via downloadable firmware updates.

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