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Samsung's 1TB Galaxy S10+ Limited Edition Coming March 15 (Report)

The latest in a long line of Galaxy S10 leaks and rumors centers on a new model that could launch next month called the Galaxy S10+ Limited Edition.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The device, which was earlier reported on by Slashgear after popping up on the Samsung Korea website, will ship with 1TB of storage and a whopping 12GB of RAM. It'll likely set customers back $1,500.

The Limited Edition model would sit at the top of the Galaxy S10 range. In the picture above, the Option D is believed to be the budget-friendly Galaxy S10e. Option C will be the standard Galaxy S10 and Option B will be the Galaxy S10+. Option A is the limited edition model.

Credit: Samsung Korea/Slashgear

(Image credit: Samsung Korea/Slashgear)

If the image above is correct, the limited edition model would ship on Mar. 15. It would only likely be available for a limited time and in select markets. Considering it was leaked in Korea, that market could be one of the countries to get it. Other countries and availability details weren't shared with the leak.

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Up until now, Samsung hasn't offered the most RAM. For example, the OnePlus 6T maxes out at 10GB while the Note 9 has a max of 8GB. Upping the memory load to 12GB could aid multitasking on the Galaxy S10. The iPhone XS and Note 9 both come with up to 512GB of storage; this would be the first 1TB smartphone we've seen.

Samsung is slated to unveil its Galaxy S10 lineup on Feb. 20. The devices will likely launch soon after. Exact pricing and availability for all the models are unknown.