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This Bezel-Free Galaxy S10 Leak Is Too Good to Be True

Rumors abound that Samsung is working on a new, bezel-free smartphone. And now, we might have our first glimpse at the handset.

Credit: Ice Universe

(Image credit: Ice Universe)

Serial leaker Ice Universe, who has been one of the more reliable sources for Samsung rumors, has published an image of what he says is a Galaxy S10 prototype. The image shows a device with no bezels and no notch at the top and the screen on either side appears to be curved, similar to the Galaxy S9. There are also four buttons along the side that would likely handle power, volume, and Bixby access.

Interestingly, there doesn't appear to be an area where you'd place your finger on the screen for the virtual fingerprint sensor. It's unknown whether the feature isn't in the prototype because it's not yet ready or if Samsung has opted for a physical sensor. It's also possible that the area where you'd place your finger on the screen isn't activated in certain circumstances.

Also of note is that the prototype doesn't have any area for a front-facing camera or earpiece. If this is truly a legitimate prototype, it would suggest that Samsung might have decided to nix the front-facing camera in favor of its new design. It's hard to tell from the image whether there's a front-facing camera hiding behind the smartphone that might pop up when a picture is taken.

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There's also the problem of the earpiece. Without an earpiece, you wouldn't be able to hear a call. But there had been some rumors that Samsung could make its display double as a speaker, effectively eliminating the need for an earpiece.

It's worth taking any leak with a grain of salt -- especially this one. The folks at Android Authority highlighted some key reasons to be wary of this picture, including some odd reflections and artifacts on the display. Notable Android leaker OnLeaks also doesn't seem to believe the picture is legit.

Of course, there's no way to know for sure whether the device in the image is real or not. And it's worth noting that the Galaxy S10 likely won't be announced until CES in January at the earliest. So between now and then, some our questions might be answered.