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Leaked Oppo Phone Reveals New Pop-Up Selfie Camera

Leaked photos have revealed a new Oppo phone, featuring a new version of the pop-up selfie camera.

The Oppo Find X. Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: The Oppo Find X. Credit: Tom's Guide)

The Chinese phone maker, which has just officially launched in the UK, seems to be moving on from its signature water drop notch, as seen on the R17 (RX17 in the UK), and its full-width slider mechanism for its cameras, as found on the Find X.

It’s now going for a fully seamless display, with the front-facing camera peeking out of the top of the casing when required (you can just about see it at the top of the image below).

Credit: Ishan Agarwal

(Image credit: Ishan Agarwal)

Also on the back, there’s a fingerprint sensor, and a dual rear camera and flash assembly. Plus the Oppo logo of course.

The leak comes (via GizmoChina) from Ishan Agarwal, who does not reveal the name of his source. He (or the photographer) has also blacked out a lot of information from the phone’s screen, so we don’t know anything about the hardware or software other than it’s running ColorOS 6.0, the latest version of Oppo’s Android based operating system, due to launch this year.

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The frustrating thing with the pictures and information we have so far is that we can’t tell which range of Oppo phones this new model belongs to. The current R17 has an in-display fingerprint sensor, which would be a strange thing to get rid of for the next model in the series.

The F9, a middle-tier Oppo handset, is the other likely candidate for an upgrade. It also has a rear fingerprint sensor, but previous designs have arranged the cameras horizontally rather than vertically. It seems more likely that Oppo would redesign a case than remove one of its phone’s most unique features, but that’s just a guess. It could be a completely new range of phones for all we know. If we find out more, we’ll be sure to update you.