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The LG G8’s Vibrating OLED Display Could Give it a Shot Against Samsung

LG is going to announce its new flagship phone at the Mobile World Congress. Judging from all the rumors, this time it may not suck. The latest leak is about its sound technology.

Credit: Evan Blass

(Image credit: Evan Blass)

The Korean company has always been keen on making sound a priority on its phones, including a “boom box” mode (you know, for kids). The new LG G8 ThinkQ will not be an exception, according to an Engadget report.

The LG G8 will have an OLED screen at last (inexplicably, all of LG’s flagships have had inferior LCD displays while LG is the leading OLED panel manufacturer in the planet). But the news is that this OLED panel will vibrate to produce sound.

Called “Crystal Sound OLED”, the technology is similar to the system used on some of its OLED TV panels, which are used by Sony.

LG claims that this vibration technology produces louder and clearer sound, with better music and voice reproduction than just using the built-in speaker like other manufacturers do.

The phone doesn’t avoid the use of traditional speakers, though. Instead, the screen vibration produces sound that complements the built-in speaker.

LG claims that this system will emulate 7.1 surround sound using DTS:X via the speaker and the headphones, thanks to its use of the phone’s interior space (which the claim acts as a resonance box to “fill the audio”) and a Hi-Fi Quad digital-analog converter that can process Master Quality Authenticated audio digital files. And, of course, it comes with a 3.5-mm headphone jack.

Prior before this rumor we found out that LG has added its touchless technology to this new device, but it has given no details about what this may be.

The phone will also have a 3D Time-of-Flight camera on the front for fancy selfies and facial recognition, like the iPhone.

It seems that LG has finally learned its lesson after a string of phone failures that culminated on the uninspiring and technologically deficient LG G7. However, we will have to wait a few more days to see if the laundry list lives up to its promise or if all this technology will be attractive to consumers.

For now, the LG G8 ThinkQ seems like it may finally have an actual shot at becoming a real contender to the iPhones and Galaxies of this world.

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