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This Is Bad: Some iPhone XS, XS Max Pre-Orders Delayed

Some of those who have pre-ordered the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are complaining of not being able to get their handsets today.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Late on Thursday (Sept. 20), 9to5Mac reported that many of those who have pre-ordered Apple's new handsets have taken to Twitter and online forums to complain of their expected iPhone shipment dates getting pushed back to Monday, Sept. 24. Interestingly, those dates changed on the UPS site. When they looked at Apple's own tracking, the same, Friday (Sept. 21) launch date was listed.

While it was initially unclear what was happening, one Twitter user contacted UPS support. That person said UPS told them in a chat conversation that Apple might have tried to ship too many iPhone units, causing a possible delay. That said, it's unclear how a customer service person would actually know the agreement Apple and UPS had signed, so whether that's actually the reason for the delays is unknown.

As an increasing number of people complained about the problem and the possible delay, things started to change. Late Thursday night and early Friday morning, in fact, many of the folks that had been expecting a delay in their iPhone shipments were seeing an update to a Friday delivery. Still, according to 9to5Mac, many iPhone customers still saw the delayed delivery date.

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This delay could be a major annoyance for people who pre-ordered Apple's latest handsets. The whole point of pre-ordering the device is to get it on its launch day. Losing that opportunity because of a shipment delay means folks are stuck for an entire weekend without the new iPhone. And since Apple is expected to have units available in stores, they could have gone into a store on Friday or over the weekend and gotten a unit without ever needing to worry about shipment time.

Apple unveiled the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max last week and started offering pre-orders last Friday. The handsets earned rave reviews from critics and are widely considered the best Apple smartphones ever. They go on sale on today for a starting price of $999.

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