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Saga for iOS, Android Learns Your Habits, Improves Your Life

Ever since Apple unveiled Siri, the world has become intrigued by the idea of an intelligent digital assistant. Since then, a number of digital rivals have appeared to improve your quality of life. The latest example comes from Seattle-based ARO's Saga app for the iOS and Android platforms. Learning from your everyday habits and routines, Saga is just about as close as you can get to having a real life assistant built into an app.

After Saga gets a grasp on your daily routine including places you visit, routes you travel and times you eat, the app streamlines your life by choosing the most efficient routes, reminds you when it's lunchtime and even rewards you for mixing things up. The assistant has a built in experience point element that will appeal to gamers, rewarding points for healthy habits or being outdoorsy.

If you are a Foursquare or Facebook fiend, Saga will even automatically record your locations and check in for you when you go out. Although some people may cringe at the idea of an application recording and analyzing our every move, ARO assures us that it will never share its users' data.

The application is still a work in progress, but an initial release is already available for download on iOS. Android users will also be able to test the app sometime in the next couple of weeks. Head on over to the iTunes app store to download your free iOS copy. For more information on the app, head on over to ARO's


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